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We are primarily a trade site for qualified gas appliance repairers in Australia and New Zealand.

Gas appliances are a complex equipment which can cause death if incorrectly repaired.

All gas appliances need to be repaired by licensed gas appliance technicians.

Due to unqualified "DIY'ers" purchasing on the site and using Gasstop as a swap out service to self-diagnose their appliance problems, we unfortuntly have no choice but to charge a minimum restocking fee of 25% should any parts be returned due to simply not being required.

All of our parts are tested and certified so any returned parts can't be resold untíl they go through rigerous testing and recertification to maintain its AGA certification.

Our quality control on parts is paramount to maintain a safe repair solution for all users, hence all of our electronic parts are in sealed and secure bags. 


If you are unsure of which parts you need, or if a certain part if compatible with your existing appliance, please email us with photos and a description of the problem and we will come back to you with next steps prior to ordering. You can email us at


See below for more T & C's regarding returns

Do we offer pick up

We can arrange pick up from our warehouse in Moorabbin to minimise wait times for urgent repairs. Please note this in your comments when ordering and we will contact you to advise earliest time for pick up.

All goods must be ordered online.

We have no sales counter at our warehouse so attendance is by appointment only.

Can we arrange repairs or servicing

We can arrange servicing and repairs via our primary company Total Gas Care Services.

TGCS services inner city and South East Suburbs in Melbourne only.

See site

Who should fit the parts

All gas appliances requiring repairs should be carried out by a licensed gasfitter with the specialist class of type A or B gas appliance technician. All states require any repair persons to carry their credentials and produce them on request.

See the energy safe site

Although your appliance may be repaired its is vital for safe operation that a carbon monoxide emissions test is carried out. see advisory from ESV


What if we are out of stock

Send us your details via "contact us form" , we will contact you letting you know likely arrival of new stock.

When we have your part in stock we will contact you to confirm order.

Lost orders

All our orders are deemed delivered after leaving our dispatch. The courier/mail carrier is responsible for any loss or damage.

If your order doesn't arrive in the delivery window please let us know so we can contact our shipping admin to assist recovery.

Courier orders can be contacted by email packing slip for customer tracking.

Any problems with our carriers please let us know.

All our orders are mailed under customer contract with the courier company or Aust post.

Confirmation of order & receipt

You will receive a confirmation of your order via email along with invoice receipt

You will also be notfied when your order leaves our dispatch and who will be delivering your order with relevant shipping numbers.

Shipping times

We endeavour to ship ordered products as soon as possible.

Melbourne customers can expect 1-5 day turn around depending on order time and size of the item.

Interstate customers can expect 3-5 day turn around for most orders.

Bigger items such as large appliances may only be available in Melbourne Metro.

We will advise if this is the case prior to processing order.


Return Policy

Be carefull when ordering! If unsure, send us an email via the "contact us form". Provide us with the make and model of your appliance and we will advise the correct part.

You can also send a digital photo and we can identify the correct part

We reserve the right to not accept returns on any "change over" electronic boards due to customers using the service to self-diagnose faults via our swap out service. Once the seal is broken on our reco bags the module cannot be refunded as it will need to be retested for quality control.

Any faulty new products are gladly replaced under manufacturers warranty provided they havent been damaged by incorrect instalation. We will need to ascertain the product is faulty prior to dispatching the replacement item or have authorisation from the manufactuer.

All gas applaince repairs should be carried out by law by a licensed gasfitter with "Type A gas appliance technicians" accreditation.

Check the Energy Safe Victoria web site for further information.

Please note, we warranty with replacement and no refunds due to processing charges incurred using this site. All returns are at the customers postage costs.


Change over service guidelines

We can repair most control boards. They need to be worth over $300 new to be viable. Due to most complex boards now being worth over $400 this service has become very popular. We offer full warranty on the reconditioned boards & normaly you will have your board back in 5- 10 days  

This service brings the cost down to about 50% of the new purchase price. We can provide a quote via the contact us link.

You can email us a digital photo to check viability.

The process requires you to mail your part into us for change over & we will send you back a fully reconditioned unit. Warranty excludes damage from priamry fault not being rectified prior to installing new board.

What if a product is faulty?

12 months on all parts

Please note this isnt a change of mind or return policy if the part is found not to be required.

You need to be certain of your part prior to purchase. Gasstop actively promotes all gas repairs be carried out by qualfied gas technicians as per Energy Safe Victoria guidelines

All parts are non refundable as we have had people abuse the sytem to carry out their own unqualified repairs. Gasstop was being used as a part swap out diagnosis service for dummies.


We are happy to replace any faulty parts

What if the part I want isnt listed ?

If you cant find what you are looking for. Send an email with the appliance brand & approx date of manufacture. If you have a digital picture include it with your email.

We generally will reply within 48 hours

Is our site secure

No records of your money transactions are kept & all transactions are encrypted to prevent any compromise of your personel details.

Our system is managed by a 3rd party certified merchant gateway registered with Australian banking system & rules.

Our site is fully approved by the banking merchant portal.